Kite flying is a major event during the festival of Makar Sankranthi in Ahmedabad, thus kite making is one of the major crafts of the city. Artisans come from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar to the city during the kite making season to make kites of various sizes, design, decorations etc. The bamboo used in kite making is sourced from Assam.

All the kites have the same basic structure - square in shape, the veritcal diagonal is held by thin straight bamboo spilt, while the horizontal diagonal have arched bamboo spilt. These thin spilts are held at the edge of the kite by paper tapes. The string known as Manja is a cotton thread covered with colored starch and glass powder to make it strong to cut other kites in a competition. Colorful scrap paper is used to create design, tail, and other decoration on this basic structure.

Production Clusters: Jamalpur, Shahpur, Paldi

Products: Manja – kite thread, Firki – thread roll, Kits

Tools: Scissors